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More Detail about the Questions on the Survey

All registered voters within USD 294 will be receiving a survey in the mail. The board greatly values your opinion as we tackle the task of updating our aging facilities. To help you answer questions to the best of your ability, here are definitions of the terms included on the survey and a tax calculator to help you understand the tax implications of different bond amounts.

Replace aged electrical/plumbing/HVAC; Install fire safety systems

This project would replace our aging heating & cooling systems with new ones that cost far less money to operate and maintain. The new systems also meet code requirements for fresh air to manage air quality inside the school, making it healthier for students and staff to breathe.


The electrical system is not adequate to run today’s technology, let alone support a new heating and cooling system, so electric service would be updated throughout the facility. New electric has the added benefit of being safer.


Original plumbing/pipes would be replaced with new for improved water supply and discharge flow. The project would update lighting throughout the school with more energy efficient fixtures.


The entire school would get fire/smoke alarms as well as fire sprinklers for safety.


ADA-compliant restrooms and locker rooms

This project would provide new, lower-usage faucets and fixtures to conserve water. New stall configurations in the bathrooms and a new layout in locker rooms would be easier to access for people with mobility issues. New walls, floors, and other surfaces will be easy to wipe down and keep clean, which means less maintenance.


Meet ADA requirements throughout the school

Widen doorways and entrances, install ADA-compliant drinking fountains and sinks, install code-compliant ramps throughout the facility. In the elementary (if applicable), add an elevator to make it possible for individuals with mobility concerns to access all floors.


High School/Junior High Classroom addition

Add a new junior/high school classroom wing with an entrance on the south (by parking) that is separate from the elementary. The current junior/high school will be remodeled into the elementary space with a secure entrance to the north. This option saves $1.5 million in rental costs for temporary modular classrooms and provides long-term, annual savings by eliminating duplicated services (like food services), facilities (like libraries), and equipment (like copiers) currently needed in two separate schools.


Secure entrance; Interior finish remodels needed due to other work

Build new entrances with secure vestibules for students. Replace ceilings and other finishes that were removed or ruined during installation of updated electrical/plumbing/HVAC/fire systems. Install new, more energy efficient windows.


Asbestos abatement

Our school facilities were built at a time when asbestos was a common building component. This project would safely remove and dispose of all asbestos within the facilities.

Tax Calculator

Please enter your assessed property value, not the appraised value.For information on how to find your assessed value, see below.

Estimated tax change for a bond in the amount of:

$30M Monthly

$30M Yearly

$25M Monthly

$25M Yearly

$20M Monthly

$20M Yearly

$15M Monthly

$15M Yearly

$10M Monthly

$10M Yearly

The median home value in Decatur County is $66,100. That means that half of the homes are valued at less than $66,100 and half are valued more than that amount. The assessed value of the median home in Decatur County is 11.5% of $66,100, or $7,648. The assessed value is the number you would put in the estimated property tax calculator, above.

If you have your Revenue Neutral Rate report, it will show you the assessed value of your property. It's the number on the far right in the column Current Year Assessed.  On the example below, the home has an appraised value of $109,560. The assessed property value of this residence is $13,034 (circled below in green). The $13,034 is the number you would enter in the estimated property tax calculator. 

If you don't have your Revenue Neutral Rate Report, you can calculate your assessed value from your appraised value using the following guides: 

*For Residential Property, assessed valuation is equal to 11.5% of the appraised (market) value

*For Commercial Property, assessed valuation is equal to 25% of the appraised (market) value

*For Ag Land, assessed valuation is equal to 30% of the use value

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