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Challenges to Consider

The USD 294 Board of Education is currently evaluating our current buildings and looking at how facilities can help fuel student and community success for the next 50 years. We recently hosted two tour nights where the community was invited to walk through Decatur County High School and Oberlin Elementary to see firsthand the current conditions of each building.  We are now determining what our priorities are and seeking input from you on possible options that will soon emerge.


Learning Environment

When it comes to learning, the physical environment matters. Many USD 294 classrooms present barriers for student success, including:

  • Poor temperature regulation

  • Insufficient infrastructure for technology

  • Lack of space for group learning

  • Poor lighting

  • Outdated furnishings

These factors limit learning opportunities and are distractions for students and staff. In addition, in today’s project-driven classrooms, students and staff need flexible space for collaboration.


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Aging Facilities

The expected lifespan for a typical school building is 50 years. Once a facility reaches this age, its mechanical systems and structures need extensive renovations or to be replaced entirely.

Both of our district buildings have exceeded that number.

In addition, older buildings were not designed with sufficient safety and security measures.​

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